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Cheese Charlies Burgers with cheese

Employment at Cheesy Charlie's is fun, ... as we never take anything serious except our customers. We strive for good food and service. If you do not have a Service Personality and an understanding of People, then we are not the place for you.

Apply in Person ... this is the only way we work. Open discussions and face to face, as we like to use the old fashion technique of talking to people face to face. We do not text or make phone calls ... if you want to work in the hospitality industry, then you need to be able to Communicate with people Face To Face ...

Come talk to us in person ...

Thank you for Visiting, ~ Cheese Charlie!

Cheesy Charlie's

Cheesy Charlie's

... Gourmet Burgers, Sandwiches and "Bake Sale" Cafe

Corner of Alta Arden and Fulton ave,
Order Online, Prepay, and Specify Pick Up time:
or Phone in your Orders: 916 485-3300

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Deli Pastrami sandwiches "Burgers, Subs, Grilled Cheeses, Salads, Bake Sale" fresh ground Cheese burgers Chicken salad with cole slaw Bacon Guacamole grilled cheese sandwich Chocolate chip cookies in sacramento

"What We Strive for:"
Our main ingredients are all about caring, a passion for food, and obsession. We always strive for the best results and continue to improve. We grind our own hamburger daily ...
We use Angus all-natural beef, and all natural chicken with no preservatives, no hormones, and no antibiotics, free range whenever possible. Top 10 bar b que sauces in sacramento Carolina pulled pork sandwich

Homemade Eastern Carolina Barbecue Sause for Pulled Pork ... apple cider vinegar, blackstrap molasses, mustard, cayenne pepper, brown sugar, butter ... Home made maple cured bacon

Our own Homemade cured Bacon, Maple syrup, brown sugar, salt is an example. No Nitrites or Nitrates in the cure, just a simple recipe of pure maple syrup, brown sugar, salt,
But, the Process takes 7 days to cure and 1 day to smoke ... love and time, how simple is that ... And, Pastrimi is a 3 week process ...