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"Charlie's Deli - Subs, Heros, or Hoagies" ... not sure if Americans have ever finalized that name ... Pastrami Ruben on rye The Sub or Hero sandwich has been raised to new levels and has more than just cold cut meats on it. We put homemade Pastrami, Bacon, Ham, Corned Beef, and Prime Rib beef, sliced Chicken breast, and own pickles into these sandwiches. Italian Hero and Pastrami sandwich in Sacramento
Add the super fruit "Avocado", with various lettuces, coleslaw, pickled peppers, pickles, tomatoes, and some of the world's best cheeses ... Prime rib philly cheese sandwich in sacramento

On the east coast, a sandwich that has been made for almost 100 years, of course the famous "Philly Cheese steak" sandwich.

"Charlie's Grilled Cheeses" ... with all the great cheeses in the world, anything is possible. Bacon guacamole Grilled cheese sandwich Pictured is a bacon, guacamole, cheddar and gruyere cheeses, with caramelized onions for that natural sweetness. grilled cheese with steak
Now add, a fried egg, hash browns, and maple cured bacon, and all of a sudden you have a breakfast sandwich which can be eaten anytime of the day.

Add a caramelized cheese crust to the outside of the bread, and you create a crispy texture that blends with the melted oozing gooey cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, and the sourdough bread.
Grilled Cheese sandwiches in Sacramento

Cheddar is truly an American cheese that has been made for hundreds of years. Add artisan cheeses that come from many boutique farmers within our country, to the imported cheese from other parts of the world, some being made for 100's of years by families that date back centuries, brings many unique flavors.
Our bread is baked by Acme Bread Company from the bay area, and delivered fresh daily.

"Charlie's Salads" ... our salads are simple, we buy fresh produce daily if we can from local farmers, then blend with a basic oil and vinagar dressing, and of course we at Cheesy Charlie's, Cobb Salad in Sacramento Chicken salad in Sacramento must add some cheeses to our salads. We like the Queen's of cheeses, "crumbled Roquefort or Blue cheese", and our American classic "Cheddar".

We serve our famous chicken breast sandwich with "No Bread" on our coleslaw, a really good choice. Then sprinkle it wth just a bit of cheddar.

Then the Queen of cheese "Blue Cheese" is served on our Cobb Salad, Romaine and Butter lettuce with water cress, chicken breast with our bacon.

"What We Strive for:"
Our main ingredients are all about caring, a passion for food, and obsession. We always strive for the best results and continue to improve. We grind our own hamburger daily ...
We use Angus all-natural beef, and all natural chicken with no preservatives, no hormones, and no antibiotics, free range whenever possible. Home made sauces Carolina pulled pork bar b que sandwich

Homemade Eastern Carolina Barbecue Sause for Pulled Pork ... apple cider vinegar, blackstrap molasses, mustard, cayenne pepper, brown sugar, butter ... Home Made maple bacon

Our own Homemade cured Bacon, Maple syrup, brown sugar, salt is an example. No Nitrites or Nitrates in the cure, just a simple recipe of pure maple syrup, brown sugar, salt,
But, the Process takes 7 days to cure and 1 day to smoke ... love and time, how simple is that ... And, Pastrimi is a 3 week process ...