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"Burgers" ... the hamburger is an American creation and has become a "Style" of life. In the USA, the hamburger is a creation that embraces American's creativity and desire for flavors. Our Burgers are made from fresh beef, served on a Brioche bun, and dressed with a large variety of condiments, sauces, veggies, and other meats, like bacon. Gourmet Burgers Avocado Burger Double Grilled Cheese Burger

We at Cheesy Charlie's, enjoy the unlimited possibilities of Burger creativity. We are always listening to our customers and creating new burgers. Shown "The Monster" double burger BLT made with 2 grilled cheeses, Classic burger with Avocado and Blue cheese on a brioche bun, Everyone's favorite, a bacon burger with cheeses and string fried onions ...

Charlies Chicken Breast Sandwich with coleslaw "Chicken, Pastrami, and Pork" Pastrami Ruben Sandwich ... what is our secret, simply free range chicken, free of any anti-biotics. Beef and Pork products are raised by American farmers who are concerned about the foods we eat.
Our Signature "Cole Slaw" ... wow, it is pure cabbage, red onions, jalapeno peppers, made with a red wine vinegar and oil marinade. We do not use a mayonaise based dressing. Our bread is baked by Acme Organic Bread Company or Village Bakery in Davis, and delivered fresh daily.

Pastrami on Grilled Rye "Grilled Cheeses, Subs, Salads" Charlies Cheesy Grilled sandwich The Sub or Hero sandwich has been raised to new levels and has more than just cold cut meats on it. We make our own pastrami and bacon. Cured and smoked by us for quality. Checken Coleslaw salad Bacon Guacomole Grilled cheese sandwich

Pictured is a bacon, guacamole, cheddar and gruyere cheeses, with caramelized onions for that natural sweetness. Now add, a fried egg, hash browns and maple cured bacon, and all of a sudden you have a breakfast sandwich which can be eating anytime of the day.

With all the great cheeses in the world, anything is possible. Pictured is a bacon, guacamole, cheddar and gruyere cheeses, with caramelized onions for that natural sweetness, on sourdough.

Strawberry Shortcake in season "Bake Sale and Fresh" We prepare and bake our own bisquits and crusts the old fashion way, flour, butter, cream, milk. Adding fresh fruits in season with real whipped cream make the difference. Real farm fresh products. Peach Cobbler in season

Seasonal fruits along with some california dried fruits will make great chutneys and toppings. TollHouse chocolate chip cookies Chirardelli Chocolate chip cookies

The famous Toll House chocolate chip cookies, with added twists. Butter, walnuts, lots of chocolate chips with extra vanilla and spices.
Did I mention butter?
Did I mention Ghirardelli Chocolate?

"What We Strive for:"
Our main ingredients are all about caring, a passion for food, and obsession. We always strive for the best results and continue to improve. We grind our own hamburger daily ...
We use fresh all-natural beef, and all natural chicken with no preservatives, no hormones, and no antibiotics, free range whenever possible. Cheese Charlies Special sauces Carolina Red BBQ saucee

Housemade Eastern Carolina Barbecue Sause for Pulled Pork ... apple cider vinegar, blackstrap molasses, mustard, cayenne pepper, brown sugar, butter ... Housemade Maple smoked bacon

Our own Housemade cured Bacon, Maple syrup, brown sugar, salt is an example. No Nitrites or Nitrates in the cure, just a simple recipe of pure maple syrup, brown sugar, salt,
But, the Process takes 7 days to cure and 1 day to smoke ... love and time, how simple is that ... And, Pastrimi is a 3 week process ...